Configuring Outlook 97

From the main window, select Tools > Services:

You can also download this utility to set up your system automatically.

Outook 97 Screen Shot

In the Services window, select "Internet Mail". If Internet Mail is not an option, you have to first add it by clicking "Add" and then double clicking "Internet Mail". Once you have Internet Mail on the list, select it and click on "Properties":

Outlook 97 Screen Shot

In the following window, you want to complete the information as shown below, but specify youremail address and your username:

For complete information on your server, Click Here

Outlook 97 Screen Shot

Now you can click on the "Connection" tab at the top. Then, click on "Connect using a modem". Below, the drop-down box is now active. Make sure that "Netstar" appears in the box. If it doesn't, click on the downward-pointing arrow and select it:

Outlook 97 Screen Shot

That's it! To get your mail in Outlook, simply hit the "Send and Receive" icon in the Outlook tool bar.