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This program will work on Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0/2000 and later. It will install and configure all necessary dial up networking components as well as your:
Outlook 97/98/2000
Outlook express
Netscape mail
Microsoft Mail
whichever you may have.

Customers with e-mail addresses ending with:

    @southwest.net should download this Set up file file size: 304k

    @net-star.net should download this Set up file file size: 304k

    @sowest.net should download this Set up file file size: 304k

Instructions for existing customers:

    1. Download the appropriate program that corresponds to your e-mail address
    2. Save the file on your hard disk or a floppy disk, for example c:\temp\
    3. Wait until the download is complete.
    4. Run the program (for example setup-southwest.exe) from its downloaded location.
    5. It will ask you for your user name and password. Make sure that you enter them correctly.
    6. It will take care of the rest
  • Should you need to use this software on another computer, simply copy the downloaded file to a floppy disk and take it to the new machine. Start from step 4 above.
  • Instructions for new customers:
    You will need a valid user name and password on our system, in order to be able to log in. Please call our sales associates to setup and account for you.

    The complete file for all three above domains with an easy to use interface is also available:
    dialer.zip (file size: 750k)


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