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Email setup and issues

Outlook 2002/XP

Outlook 2000 

Outlook express 6

Outlook 98

Outlook 97

Outlook express / Wizard


Disconnect Problems
Check idle time out of your computer

If you are manually setting up your system, the following information can be very useful to you:

find a local phone number

DNS server IP numbers are:

Email server information:

You should set your incoming and outgoing mail server to the above mail severs. Your server name is based on your email address. So if your email is someone@southwest.net then your server is ca.southwest.net.


Automated dial-up 
set-up software

Windows users: Get the above program
In case that in the future you may run into trouble, if you have a copy of this software, it will set up your Windows 95/98 and NT/2000 system for you automatically, all you need to know is your username and password. Then you can leave the rest to this set up software.

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